BugGiRL are Aussies Amber n Clinno n Texan Hevs

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Beers Promo

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Sounds like Janis fronting Cream on a blood-slicked night of the long knives
"Call'em the down-under White Stripes if you must, but this Aussie brother-sister duo's high-voltage rock'n'roll bears scant resemblance to the stripes' relatively sedate garage-rattle. Comprised of BugGirl on vocals/guitar and bro Mallets of Mayhem on battery..."
TNT Dynamite New Music | Classic Rock Magazine November 2008 | UK
Sounds like Janis Joplin covering 'MANOWAR'
"I've always had a special preference for rock'n roll duos, so the 'BUGGIRL' CD got showed into my player with positive bias, and the sound booming out of the speakers confirmed this (bias) at any rate. This Australian pair snots out filthy riffs. . ."
Simon Loidl | Ox Fanzine | Germany
BugGiRL are to AC/DC what the White Stripes are to Led Zeppelin
"Today's post comes all the way from the outback of Australia. Putting a new twist on the power trio by performing as a power duo, BugGiRL are. . ."
Eric Aikin | Licorice Pizza | California, USA
You just have to bang your head til madness comes
"BUGGIRL combines the powers of the two siblings Amber and Clinno who have been successful for quite a while now under that moniker and amongst others toured with the likes of BLITZKID, V8WANKERS, HEARTBREAK ENGINES and THE CREEPSHOW."
Sebastian Huhn | Reflections Of Darkness | Germany
A smashing female on guitar and vocals and a four-handed man on drums!
"BUGGIRL. A duo rock band from Australia! A smashing female on guitar and vocals and a four-handed man on drums! The result is a pure rock and raw sound, melodic or hard, soft or razor sharp, when needed, but always ROCK!"
Dimitris Katramados | Rock Aces | Greece
The Rock n' Roll Hell Journey
"It is claimed that BugGiRL is a counterpart to the White Stripes with the
difference that the latter sees its roots in Led Zeppelin whereas the Australian duo BugGiRL, of course, claims AC/DC as reference. The musical brother-sister duo BugGiRL, made up of Amber (guitar, vocals) and Clinno (vocals, drums) is correct in terms of their snootiness - one can also detect an immense rawness which reminds one of Rose Tattoo."
Stefan Glas | Underground Empire | Germany

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The duo has balls three times the size of ...
"The duo has balls three times the size of any other band on the stage this night, making the rest sound like civil servants."
Jan Jaedike | Rock Hard Magazine December 2008 | Germany
Makes Brody Dalle look like tinkerbell
"BugGirl are an Australian hard rock duo that are in the middle of a European tour and as Thor the Hammer God is my witness they rock the Walpole to its very foundations. The pair are tighter than a proverbial ducks arse in water and with the feisty vixen singer/guitarist BugGirl herself they have the epitome of an in-yer-face rock bitch that makes Brody Dalle look like tinkerbell. "
Lee Puddefoot | Smash Music | London, UK
"A real hardrockster, IRON MAIDEN shirt, leather pants and biker boots. Classic look you spot easily on any metalfest...but when this fury is armed with a guitar and she clearly knows how to use it...that changes matters..She had an accordingly furious drummer to back her up."
Frederic Loridant | PhotoRock | Lille, FRANCE

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"Your stereo will probably be flecked with blood halfway through."
i94Bar, Australia. August 2009.www.i94bar.com

"Imagine AC/DC with the vocals of Tina Turner while being penetrated from behind."
Zware Metalen, Netherlands. October 2009 | Remi Peterse | www.zwaremetalen.com

"Sounds like Janis fronting Cream on a blood-slicked night of the long knives."
Classic Rock Magazine UK November 2008 | AC/DC "TNT Dynamite New Music" | www.classicrockmagazine.com

"BugGirl might just be a duo, but they make enough racket for a whole orchestra."
Classic Rock Magazine, UK. October 2009 | Malcolm Dome |

"It’s the sound of Nick Oliveri pounding Jon Spencer's head against a bass drum ... makes Brody Dalle look like Tinkerbell."
Smash Music UK | www.smashmusic.co.uk

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buggirl rock n roll photo gallery
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sounds like Janis Joplin covering’ MANOWAR’. A most interesting, highly recommended album. You wanna fight? - Let's Rock'n'Roll! 9/10
Ox Fanzine Germany August 2008 | Simon Loidl | http://www.ox-fanzine.de/

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