BugGiRL are Aussies Amber n Clinno n Texan Hevs

18 Nov - New writing

Thats right people!
The buggers are planning some new shit! With some exciting tour plans scheduled for 2012, its gonna be a party of a time to be rockin some new tunes!
We have also checked out some of the Speedfest live recordings and its sounding good. Stay tuned for news on a possible release.
No shows planned yet, but keep sending in requests for where yas want us to play!!
Talk soon!
Amber and Clinno n Heavs

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buggirl rock'n'roll photo gallery
buggirl rock n roll photo gallery
Photo by Raul & Albaro / Helldorado
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The duo has balls three times the size of any other band on the stage this night, making the rest sound like civil servants.
Rock Hard Magazine Germany December 2008 | "Doro, Girlschool, Buggirl, Havanna Heat Club" | Jan Jaedike |  http://www.rockhard.de/

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